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Seminar room

The International Meeting Centre (IBZ) is ideal for conferences and seminars.  The room is approx. 70 sq. m. in size, and offers a charming view of the terrace and garden, and of the Fichtel Mountains in the background.​​


  • Standard U-shaped seating
  • Variable seating for approx. 30 people or
  • Concert seating for approx. 60 seats
  • Modern media technology with display and speakers (HDMI and VGA input; please bring your own cable)
  • Kitchen in the immediate vicinity for catering services
  • Beverage vending machine next to the kitchen
  • Seminar room can be divided into two halves if required
  • Shading by automated roller blinds
  • Access to the terrace with seating and its beautiful view
Important notes:

The key to the seminar room will be provided by the house service on site.  Please get in touch with them in good time.  The contact will be arranged by Mr. Werner Burr after booking.

Please make sure that the standard seating arrangement is restored before leaving the room.  Thanks for this in advance.

If you have any special requirements, please let us know.  We will certainly find the right solution for you.

(Price) enquiries and bookings:

For further information and booking, please contact Mrs. Sofia Sauer.

Contact information Tel. +49 921/55-5847, guesthouse@uni-bayreuth.de

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